email verifying software

  1. kaushik1996

    How accurate are email-validation services?

    There are various email validation services available in the market. If you want to choose the best email verification service in terms of accuracy, your email validation service must pass through the following checkpoints. So, you can get a better idea to choose the best one. - Email address...
  2. KJREDDY247@

    Cheapest Email Validation Service

    Can you guys suggest me the cheapest email service that's available right now?, which one are you guys using for scraped emails for cold emailing? any free alternatives or cracked softwares source ? Your suggestions will be highly appreciated, Not for sending only for validation of lists in bulk
  3. J

    Email list cleaning software vs. service

    Hello, I'm new to internet marketing and have not found much information regarding how people with large lists avoid high bounce rates on their email blasts. I know of services such as neverbounce,briteverify and kickbox but they are expensive when checking 50,000+ emails. I found out about...
  4. B

    Is anybody using BulkVerifyer?

    Does anybody have recommended settings for BulkVerifyer? I keep getting "failed with error: Socket Error # 0" for every e-mail message and must have something wrong on my settings, but I've tried everything and still keep getting this error.
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