email send software

  1. O

    Mass Email sending

    hi i need some one who is good at email marketing. i have a list of 100k email from 1 of my website. i need to mass email it for my another website. The email content is promoting online casino. I will pay for all the costs for setting up. I will pay your quoted salary. Please PM your Skype...
  2. W

    email campaign

    hello I have a list of emails and would like to send a massive campaign. I have HTML and everything, just need an anonymous sender and a platform. who can help me? thanks
  3. Matzedoon

    Need help with sending lots of emails

    Hi guy's, I need help with sending lots of emails. I did tons of research so far and I've come up with several things so far. 1. is to go with a server 2. finding a smtp client and just send from site 3. Do it from my home computer I would like to use 3. and do it from my home computer (or a...
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