email retargeting

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    Retargeting : What it is and how it is use?
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    What are breadcrumbs and why are they important for website?
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    How we can use PPC in my advertisement website is that good for promotion or not?
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    Canonical Tag

    How i can use canonical Tag in website it is helpful?
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    Google Adwords

    Do you prefer Google Adwords and why? Explain me?
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    Facebook ads

    How do I target Facebook ads based on phone numbers? its helpul for website?
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    What is Infographic and benefits of Infographic?
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    Mobile First Indexing

    When is Google running to start the mobile first indexing concept?
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    Facbook Security Setting

    Should I destroy Facebook or only change settings given the privacy matters with the platform? I do enjoy scanning updates from friends and family, but I’m not sure the security risk is deserving it.