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  1. M

    Database list of phone numbers US

    Need some info on how to get a database of names phone numbers of a certain age group in US Canada. Any tips would be greatly appreciated
  2. Blaqstar

    Best way to go about this email marketing situation?

    I'll get straight to it. I have a login to a directory that's directly in my niche (college students). Access to thousands of emails, person info etc. I scraped a couple thousand but how to properly utilize? I understand I cant use Klaviyo or something similar because they have to be "opted...
  3. P

    Anybody from China who could Data mine for me?

    I want the list of jewellery purchaser and gemstone purchaser from China who are into this business. Their email ids and phone number...
  4. P

    Need a Emails list of Gemstones Purchaser from USA

    People Purchasing gemstones in USA from around the world...need email ids and phone number of buyers.