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  1. goatgruff

    how do i advertise an email newsletter funnel (landing page)

    where and what are the best ways to do this. im trying tiktok and reels right now
  2. blackhatbeavis

    The Best Email Newsletter Onboarding Configuration

    Forgive me if this is the wrong section of the forum, I couldn't find any appropriate place to put this. I am currently using MailerLite, I want to onboard as many new newsletter registrations and hit as many inboxes as possible. So, Is it better to: 1. Use a double opt-in from MailerLite and...
  3. GringoMonkey

    [JV] Your B2C Email List, My Monetization

    Do you have a B2C email list that you feel could be better monetized? If so then perhaps I can help you? I prefer USA B2C lists. Split 50/50 on the profits my efforts bring. If this interests you please pm me with the details of your list and I will see if I can help you make more money with it.
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