email marketin

  1. B

    Is there any way to send 10k emails per day ?

    Hi, I have a huge database of CXOs, I want to use it in email marketing to promote the affiliate products. So, can anyone please suggest me the best tool (easy to install, no domain name required) to send at least 10k emails in a day. I have discussed it with multiple people and most of them...
  2. Raman Sharma

    How Can I Send 2000 Emails Per Day?

    Hi, I am looking for a service to send minimum 2000 E-mails to the client per day. But e-mails not to be in spam folder. Kindly suggest me any application or software.
  3. F

    Emai marketing outreach with new GDPR

    Hi, Is there any way to contact b2b by email or facebook account without breaking the new data protection law? Maybe if you send the emails to [email protected]********.com.... it's a company email, not a personal or professional email of any worker.... Could it be possible?