email ids

  1. arundamo

    [ Free ]Email Ids from social media sites

    For my own use i have created a scrapping tool that can scrape email ids from any social media sites. I am no longer using it and thought it can help someone in need... I can get 50- 100 email ids for a keyword from a social media site and can pass it on to you... If interested send me your...
  2. S

    I need to get an email address from someone's Google Plus profile

    Someone gave me a 1 star rating on my Google Plus Business Page. They have been harassing me on FB too and I have blocked them and they deleted their account. I would like to find out who this person is so I can have my lawyer send them a letter. I know I have never done business with them.
  3. C

    What to do with a list of 500 targeted emails

    i have 500+ targeted email ids from india who are interested in buying cellphone for cheap prices..i m sure they will fill any cpa offer related to freebie but problem is i dnt know wht to promote to them as they are indians n i dnt think much cpa offers are available here..if u knw any good...
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