email creation

  1. flashsites

    Turboware EAC is Dead :( Any alternatives for mass email making?

    I need to make a ton of emails quickly (thousands) I used to use Turboware EAC but it's been dying and is finally dead. What Blackhat Tool are people using for mass email creation?
  2. B

    Which section is right?

    Which section is right to discuss and get answers for email creation on this forum. Hope any moderator helps me Thank you
  3. F

    hotmail email creator need

    Hi All, i have gone through many posts looking for mass hotmail email creator but all the posts seem to be dead now . is there any good hotmail email creator out there that i can try for even 2 hour before purchasing . Thanks Abz
  4. B

    [Help out a noob] Need advice on signing up forum accounts

    Hey guys/gals. First post here, forgive me if i posted this in the wrong section! Basically what I am trying to achieve is to sign up fake accounts to 2 different forums on different IP addresses. What I have tried: Nordvpn and random email providers - Worked like a few times but now the IP's...
  5. mubi

    Tool for email account creation needed.

    Hi, I am looking for tool or service which help me to create 100's of emails accounts daily without using disposable emails.
  6. Dropl

    |Working| Phone numbers or phone codes 2015?

    Hello BHW, As the title states we are looking for vendors that offer phone verification services specifically for facebook. Though also for hotmail, gmail, gmx, aol, yahoo and so on. Preferably pre-generated phone codes (if this is still feasible for facebook) and or phone numbers which can be...
  7. B

    Zennoposter or Bot for email creation

    Hello there, I need a bot or someone to create templates for zennoposter. Goal: create emails with yahoo and hotmail for the moment. If you own a proprietary bot or script, I can check it and discuss a price for it. Let me know.