email copy

  1. uxdrug

    [Ultimate Guide]How To Find Money Emails that Convert & Build 200-300 Emails Database

    I was reviewing one of my posts and found many are facing problems developing content for emails. Let me show you a simple & easy method to discover high-converting emails. Ultimate Guide To Finding Emails That Make Money 1) get ad spying tools like advertsuite or any you already have. 2)...
  2. slickbrick

    If You Wanna Make More Money With Email Marketing - Check Out These 5 Websites

    The owners are millionaires. I'm NOT. So -> DON'T even think I have anything to do with the websites I listed. I WISH I had!! Get inspiration for your email headlines from those you see there and re-write them. Trust me. You will write better headlines and get more people to open your...
  3. Geth_Prime

    Looking for email copywriter

    Basically I'm looking for a really good cold email copy that is not the spammy type that I can send to my scraped list of real estate agents. The emails must be witty and funny. Tired of figuring out how to write for them since I don't speak their language really well. If you're the one then...
  4. jimbobo2779

    BHW user stealing ad copy

    So I was perusing my emails the other day when I stumbled across a promo email from a competitor of mine, reading through it I got a weird case of deja vu. Something seemed off until I realised it was my fucking sales copy. This lazy bastard not only attempted to copy my software, making a...
  5. R

    Email Coopy needed asap

    I want a professional email copy writer to write emails for my offers for marketing to classified sites. You need to have prior experience with this, please no tire kickers. Send me a PM.
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