email autoresponder

  1. nanohits

    Email Marketing Platform - Email Marketing Software Special Sale!

    Payment Methods: Paypal Credit Card Via Stripe Offline Payment via Terms and Conditions Non refundable. Please check out the features by signing up to the free plan Please read the T&C's carefully here: We have a strict Anti Spam policy! This service...
  2. maxdosh

    Any one know any good email capture form builder plugin?

    I was just wondering if you know any email subscription form builder that I can integrate with getresponse. I have the page designed but I need a form to collect name and email. I am using sumo plugin, but the issue is that it doesn't appear immediately the page is loaded it kinda delays a...
  3. T

    Im looking for a PHP Developer for Email Autoresponder (Web Based)

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a PHP developer for a project, the project is an email autoresponder (Web Based) The email autoresponder will pop the leads from example in gmail and then the autoresponder will send an email (Reply 1) to that pop leads. Features: - Pop and IMAP - SMTP Rotation -...
  4. A

    Email Auto Replay.

    Hi, I am new at this site. Today, I collected an email address from a classified site. First, I sent an email to the address(Yahoo mail). Then I got a replay from Gmail. Then, I sent another replay and got another replay from a webmail. After that, within 5 hours I received 5 replays more...
  5. TheSlug

    TheSlugs Set & Place Method to Automate Income | Generate traffic for any niche!

    I spent the last few days putting together this .pdf guide that covers a method I have successfully used the past 3+ years. I was going to sell it, but decided to give it out for free. I already had a few guys read it and they told me it's straightforward and clear. Basically my method shows...
  6. TheSlug

    Using Gmails to Generate Profitable & Free Traffic | Video Tutorial !MUST WATCH!

    This video shows how you can use an email autoresponder with gmail accounts to generate a ton of traffic. You will be able to have high inbox rates and super high conversion rates with this method. Please watch the entire video once before starting setting up your own campaign. Or asking...
  7. TheSlug

    TheSlugs 'Naughty or Nice' Method | Generate Traffic for Any Niche | Free Video Tutorial

    I have created 2 video tutorial guides showing how I use some email autoresponder software (that you can download for free). I cover everything from setting up your campaign, picking your offer and the different ways you can generate leads. I have spent a lot of time putting these videos...
  8. bonzo90

    Total Email Auto Responder | #1 Email Marketing Tool

    Hey Black Hatters! I'm currently running a JV with the guys over at TEAR. I'm good friends with one of the developers (TheSlug) of the revolutionary emailing software that let's you set multiple fixed-template responses to create life-like conversations with your leads! Resulting in high inbox...
  9. P

    Help with BlackHat Autoresponder

    I bought this program a long time ago before it went on the pay by month deal. I never used it until earlier today, had been using another tool that no longer works. I goto the site and watch the video tutorial and it does not answer any of my questions. The main one is WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO...
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