1. T

    F**** egay!!!!

    Fuk!n great , ive been target by a scam ring and ebay blames me lol!!! So heres my story! I was selling a expensive item below market price and I get a bunch of request from different users to sell them wholesale , cheaper price. I say no. Finally i make my first sale im happy ready to ship...
  2. Dareeude

    Probs with PayPal, need help.

    Hello fellow blackhatters! I'm an underage from Denmark, who has been successful on eBay (W00T?, i know (; ) And the way PayPal rewards me, is by requesting more information about me(The EU money laundry type of thing):photo-id (passport, driver license e.g.) and proof of address, which i can't...
  3. voidale

    hey guys should i buy Refurbished Laptop?

    i wanna get Gateway Refurbished laptop it has amazing Specifics. or you i should get an new hp laptop with lower Specifics? any one have bought refurbished knows if that good like new? thanks!
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