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  2. Tweekster

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    "Edu Post" is considered to be one of the most authentic backlink by Google. Once these links are indexed by Google, they can help boost your website's rankings almost overnight. Backlinks are rare and getting them can increase your trust rank in the eyes of Google. If you want to rank for...
  3. EDU & GOV Backlinks.png

    EDU & GOV Backlinks.png

    EDU & GOV Backlinks
  4. emmadobie

    Can anyone help me with the registration key of each of the scalar edu sites?

    Can anyone help me with the registration key of each of the scalar edu sites?
  5. edu gov backlinks solidguy_82 service.jpg

    edu gov backlinks solidguy_82 service.jpg

    edu gov backlinks solidguy_82 service.jpg
  6. LinkzDigital

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    Get FLAT 40% Discount on Premium EDU Guest Posts EDU links are well aged with lots of authority, and they are highly trusted by the search engines. They provide some of the juiciest backlinks because of their age and value. They have the high TrustRank, ranking power and authority and this can...
  7. Supriyo Chowdhury

    Where i can get Edu/Gov Link Building sites list?

    can you give me the edu/gov sites list?
  8. judibola365

    Uploading my HTML FILES to EDU / GOV that have HIGH DR / DA

    Hi, im looking for someone that can provides services uploading my HTML file on EDU / GOV sites (TO CREATE LANDING PAGE) that have high score on DR/UR or DA/PA examples what im looking on :
  9. xxxisthis

    Edu mails (Europe?)

    Hey, are there also .edu mails for Europe (so with a school/university in Europe)? I only see US edu mails…
  10. leonardsrines

    Can anyone help how to create EDU mail

    Can anyone help how to create EDU mail?
  11. Dot Mirror LTD


    Hey there! It's Shimanto from Dot Mirror. What if you get backlinks from websites that are highly trusted by Google? Pretty Exciting, right? That can happen when you get backlinks from .EDU websites. .EDU backlinks are a goldmine for boosting your site’s credibility and search engine...
  12. 4ry4n

    [Question] Would buying a dozen of EDU backlinks help with my E-commerce website DA?

    Hello everyone, I had a quick question, if I have an e-commerce website that sells tech, would buying lets say 10 to 20 backlinks from EDU domains help my authority in any significant form? If so, is it dangerous if these backlink all appear at once over a period of couple of days? should I...
  13. jimmy112

    Software For Creating Automated Edu Backlinks

    Hello, I need to create Edu Backlinks for my client please recommend Software For Creating Automated Edu Backlinks Thanks in Advance
  14. RichardLI

    [FREE] Canva for Education Account for active members

    Hello In this giveaway you will get free Canva Edu account . Great online tool for graphic designers. How it works ? : Please reply to this thread and pm me .You will receive a invitation link to create you own Canva Edu account . Just simple as that Requirements min 50 posts 1 account per...
  15. Blonsa

    edu email creation - nowadays

    Hey, FOLKS! I'm curious whether there is still a method to create own student edu email accounts for free. Recently (2 days ago) I tried to sign up for a college, but they became smarter :D and ask to provide some personal documets. Maybe someone can suggest something that works currently...
  16. someguy

    Hi BHW - I have a question regarding my .EDU and .GOV backlink sources

    Hi BHW I have been a long time lurker and now I write my introduction. I work in the search marketing industry since 15 years, SEA and SEO being my primary marketing channels. Right now, I / we do large-scale inhouse SEA and SEO for a big company, everything strictly whitehat, of coure. Besides...
  17. Thelastlellek

    DA 69 .EDU Backlink - Fast Indexing

    DA 69 Backlink from a .edu Page How to get a Backlink from the Page? 1 - Sign up 2 - Fill in your Bio with the Keyword / Backlink you want ( BBCode ) 3 - Activate your Account with your Email (Check Spam) 4 - It will ask you for an "Activation Key" so do this...
  18. eduguestpostseller

    PREMIUM |.EDU Guest post*Editorial links From High level University websites Like Columbia, Lehigh DA 50-90*Guest post Service | 5 Posts...

    PREMIUM .EDU UNIVERSITIES GUEST POST SERVICE FAQ: 1. How long is an article? Different lengths. 400-600 words long. 2. Is every article unique? Absolutely. 3. What is the turn-around time? 1-3 weeks. 4. Are these links ********? 100% links would be ********. 5. Will these links stick...
  19. Terle

    AWS Educate Starter Account not working anymore?

    I've tried several edu mails of various institutions over the period of 2 months and every time my application was rejected within 2 minutes of registration. Is it patched now? I've tried changing browser instances and ip too. Whcih edu emails are working?
  20. YounessAylal

    google search console index

    guys, how can we bypass google search console verification ownership of an Edu link please?
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