editorial articles

  1. MacArthur

    Brand Mention on Entrepreneur [Top Tier Magazine]

    I want to keep this sales thread reasonably simple. I can help you in getting a brand mention on Entrepreneur.com(US Edition). ARTICLE: The content will be 500 words long about an informative topic; we will mention your brand in 1-2 sentences (Or) We can include the CEO's name along with...
  2. KittyTheArchitect

    High tier UK sites like Guardian, HuffPost for article / editorial

    Hi Looking to get our content published in high tier UK news sites like Guardian, HuffPost and etc (min DA60) as article / editorial. The firm is an architecture practice based in London and has been featured before on similiar websites. Contentwise, we can supply interesting architectural...
  3. darknight44

    Need editorial posts on Blomberg Forbes etc

    Hi, I need to publish a company news/article on bloomberg and forbes.com . Please PM or reply me price and turnout time if you can do that. BTW, we are also looking for article publicity on other top sites such as nytimes, wsj, bloomberg the guardian ect, We will work with an escrow BTW so no...