1. MrWhite2018

    What's the best iPhone video editor app when using other peoples TikTok videos, is there an easy to use app to change the video size frames and pixels

    Most require subscriptions or trials so I want to make sure I'm downloading the right one, I'd like to do what another user suggested: ============== 1-change the video size(it doesn't matter how you do it, for example, you can lower the quality or convert it into a different format) 2-change...
  2. MrWhite2018

    Which AI text to video service is the most accurare and quickest - Main issue for me is having to manually spend ages scrolling down to replace stock

    Title says it all really: "Which AI text to video service is the most accurare and quickest - Main issue for me is having to manually spend ages scrolling down to replace stock" I'm curious as to whether or not you guys are using something new that doesn't require so much time? Thanks
  3. Y

    Need Designer for Discord server icon

    I need a designer for my discord server icon. It needs to be in gif format. I may also need a few other things designed also. Only respond if you are good at designing. I've been on this site a long time. Please respect me by not being a noob lel Thanks Yahni Ysrayl P.S. ah yea. Add me on...
  4. J

    Looking for content creator and video editor that can do voice over

    Hello, looking for someone that could do similar content (desktop recording, editing, voice-over): https://www.tiktok.com/@lunaralgo/video/7198678641474014510?lang=en I own a similar indicator/tool Requirements: Preferably 5-7 videos weekly (minimum 3 videos weekly) Video rotation: crypto...
  5. A

    Brand representative (Affiliate Marketing Media) needed

    Hello! I represent one the largest media about affiliate marketing. For now we have 320 000 visitors per month. Also we organize one of the biggest conferences about traffic and moneymaking. Our audience makes money online: in affiliate marketing, website development, YouTube and other sources...
  6. B

    Looking For Editor Willing To Work On NSFW Content

    I am looking for someone to scrape NSFW content (short clips + gifs) and add a watermark to them. If you are interested I will inform you of specific categories I need content of. Can pay via crypto
  7. JohnDontheman

    Need a female Virtual Assistant For Photo editing ( Photoshop ) | Hourly rate 2-3$

    Need a female Virtual Assistant For Photo editing ( Photoshop ) | Hourly rate 2-3$ Requirements: 1: Must be Good on English 2: Have skill on photoshop 3: Have a Good PC Configuration.

    Automated rendering

    Hi, i have this method working for me. But im woundering if anyone know how i can automatic render images from a certain folder then output in a new folder and delete image. All the rendering and editing is taking image from set folder -> put image in full stretch to cover full screen not top...
  9. C

    NEED YouTube Video Editor

    Hello, I am looking to get quotes from YouTube video editors for videos I will be needing to be edited soon. My channel is in the IRL/Vlog/Entertainment/Prank genre (best way to describe it). I am looking to create some viral videos, and maybe the editing will be a big step there. Looking to...
  10. V

    edit story views

    can someone edit story views count of my client? I'm ready to pay she needs to show it to her brand and it's super urgent
  11. Xilick

    [looking for talented video editor]

    Hello BHW! I am looking to hire a talented video editor. I am fine if you have less experience, as long as you can produce something that looks of high quality and doesn't have an amateurish vibe - and are willing to improve over time. The videos are mostly for YouTube channels of various sizes...
  12. T

    Hiring VA’s for a simple repetitive task

    Hello, I'm looking to hire some VA's for a simple task. 1 might be enough to begin with. - task is related to editing and placing video subtitles on a specific editing platform (easy to use) - need a PC or laptop with connection - must be good at english ( ==> basic understanding of...
  13. B

    VA who can do animations from the script

    I'm looking for a VA who can do animations from script provided. You will need to make animations based on the context. Pay $3/hr. Leave your skype here. Long-term job with good bonuses for good work.
  14. B

    Need VA who can edit in Adobe Premiere

    Hello, I'm looking for a VA who can do edits in Adobe Premiere. I will give you a Adobe template and a script, and you will need to edit video based on that. Can provide more details in DM. Only reply if you have Adobe Premiere. I pay $3 per hour. If you do good work I have other editing...
  15. thesilverhawk619

    Video 3D animation and editing tool

    Hello, I came across a product called Viddyoze. https://viddyoze.com/ Its a software with templates and all for creating or maybe editing your videos. Is there any alternative for this with good templates..? Are they free or cheap..? Thank you..
  16. JVRZ

    [Method] how to get work as a YouTube gaming editor for free

    Hi all This is a method that I haven't personally used but plan to use in the future when I have gotten better at editing videos. Offering video editing on upwork or fiverr has become competitive hence why I don't want to even bother trying when this method is easier for the gaming niche...
  17. L

    Need advice from youtubers

    I want to start a youtube channel coking channel where cook will not be shown in the videos only coking stuff and recopies will show with some background sound will this work i want to quit my 9 to 7 job where my salary is 254$ a month and start this channel please can some one properly...
  18. L

    photoshop fonts

    Some fonts in this documents are missing. You can sync matching fonts from Typekit, or replace missing fonts with a default or different fonts used in this document how to fix this please any automated way ? because in this file i am editing many logos
  19. C

    Native Copywriter Needed

    Looking for a native English speaker to proofread and edit my articles. Each article is between 3.5k - 5k words. PM me If you're interested. Budget: $0.002 per word. Price can be discussed if you have proof of real copywriting credentials
  20. Razvan boss

    What to use for video rendering and editing?

    Hello there, I was wondering , is there any tool i can use like a VPS or something where i can render videos fast? I have a very bad pc and 'till i will be able to buy a new one a 6 min video on 480p is done exporting in 30 mins.. that's not so good since i need to do this in "mass" like more...
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