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  1. BlueFlamed

    Need Youtube Anime Videos Made

    Need something similar too this made. Would be great if you have seen a lot of anime since I plan on handing over of the creative control. Dm me your qualifications and rates!
  2. NikoNikic

    Is it possible to make low quality video to HD?

    I have 360p video so prety shity quality so is it possible to make it enjoyable to watch or atleast appear HD once uploaded on youtube? Can something like this be applied to videos:
  3. OffPageSeo

    Whiteboard Videos Editor

    Hi, Anyone tell me where i get free whiteboard video edit software or sites?
  4. mystery

    Camtasia & Windows Movie Maker Quality Issue

    I have a prob when importing camtasia videos of high quality, into windows movie maker. As soon as I drag the video down to the story board in windows movie maker, the quality is lost. I've also produced the video to see whether or not the quality loss is only in the story board, but the...
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