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  1. netcontentbiz

    Hello! I'm here to know all about the tips & tricks that can be used to rank a site!

    Well, the forum name suggests that there are people here who use Black Hat SEO regularly! Well, I'm here to understand how to do it without doing it :D The market is full of people who talk about achieving relevant reach within days. They have strategies, PPC pitches, and so much more. I'd like...
  2. S

    my site got stuck on 23 da and p30. how can i increase the da pa of that site and what can increase the traffic of that site. It is an ecommerce site.

    my site got stuck on 23 da how can i increase the da pa of that site and what can increase the traffic of that site. It is an ecommerce site.
  3. D

    Looking for suggestions on scaling my ecom business - Shopify + Amazon Private Label + Own Brand + Deep Supply Chain Relationship

    First, allow me to introduce myself. I've been going to school in the US and started my own e-commerce business (eBay, Amazon, Zencart and Magento......) 10+ years ago from retail arbitrage, then importing/exporting. Since myself is Chinese so I have access to plenty of suppliers/factories so I...
  4. gaby81

    Ecommerce SEO Expert

    Hello, I am looking for a SEO expert for my new Woocommerce+Wordpress store to help me drive organic traffic to the store. Complete package (on page analysis and off page).
  5. ensky

    How to boost one product page of e-commerce website?

    I have one e-commerce website. I want to boost the product keyword on the product page, what should I do? Writing much content on the product page is not the best choice, because too much writing leads to a bad user experience. for example, the attached file is one product page. if the product...
  6. pamiso

    seo for ecommerce websites "How to rank Your Store In Google "

    Oki Guys I am used to build Store for Niche With Low keyword Competition. But i wanna ask you. What the most important Thing that make Your store rank in google without I use Blog section in it or Write any articles
  7. Vinyas Gowda

    eCommerce sites for Guest Posting

    Hi guys, I am looking for eCommerce sites which accepts guest posts. If anyone have a list of such sites, kindly share. Thanks in advance.
  8. aldis

    [2020] CSEO ECOMMERCE SEO AGENCY ★ Only 7 Slots ★ Authority SEO for Online Stores

  9. H

    Any suggestions on backlinks

    Can anyone let me know, how we get high authority backlinkson our websites ? I am doing every effort but not getting backlinks for my eCommerce platform built on wordpress. URL is
  10. R

    What is the best method to improve SEO for a new brand eCommerce website?

    Hi, I have a new brand eCommerce website. I want to improve its search engine ranking. But the problem is the products I am selling are new on the market. So there is not a good search keyword for the products on google. Could you please share any idea on how can I improve my website SEO? Thanks
  11. noxiop

    E-Commerce SEO: A few dubious questions..

    Hi forum, I am starting to build out an ecommerce store in the cannabis accessories niche (bongs, glass pipes, etc) and I have not built a eCommerce store yet so I am looking for advice.. I hope you can help. For one, how important is quantity of products? And on that, how important is unique...
  12. Danny Crypto

    Have anyone of you heard of CLIPMAN?

    Does it worth to buy? It will be used for sales generation for your e-commerce. It is coming in $67 Do we really need video ads nowadays for our products and stores?
  13. Danny Crypto

    How to get USA traffic on a ecommerce platform which is a hit on etsy?

    Hey, I'm having an etsy store and getting 60-70% orders from etsy but I want to expand so I want my customers to buy it from my website too. What ways you want me to suggest? Should I do facebook,instagram marketing for my brand name for engagements or any other things because if I'll do fb...
  14. N

    Build trust for a new e-commerce site

    Do you guys know which is the best strategy, SEO service on BWH to build SEO authorize trust for a new e-commerce site? My merchandise shops are built on Woocommerce and Shopify, have many products which low competitive on google, so I think I should build the authorize for the domain and get...
  15. Jimmy L

    Best choice for backlinks

    My eCommerce website has a little organic traffic in a no competition niche. My competitor is ranking #1 for a main keyword (700 searches monthly) and 11 long tail keywords in the #1 spot. All the keywords add up to almost 4K monthly searches. In the top 10 his website is ranked, his FB page...
  16. R

    Essential Optimization Tips For My Open Cart E-commerce Website

    Hi mate Suggest Some Essential Optimization Tips For My OpenCart E-commerce Website. Best SEO opencart extension, sites to integrate etc...It is based on US, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and EUROPE
  17. BakBak

    Ranking for Ecommerce?

    Hi I wanted to get advise from some of the SEO seniors here on how to target keywords for a medium competition Ecommerce Site? When I am purchasing for SEO packages on BHW, I noticed most ask for 1 Url with 3/5 keywords. Should I be buying multiple packages each month to get all the keywords...

    Best Link Packages for Ecommerce

    I've been a reader on BHW for a bit but curious on ecommerce specific link packages that are "shopping" or health and fitness topic on majestic. I haven't seen anything that quite fits the bill for me. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  19. M

    Ecommerce BackLinks and URL

    Hi everyone, I have a skateboard ecommerce and I have already start with backlinks, creating me a big doubt. for example: I have the KW - "vans tshirt" ranking on 14th to the URL: I have the URL but the KW "vans tshirt" is ranking for...