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    Help Please! App rejected Because of Libpng library

    Hi Everyone, when I submit my appto google play, they send me an email that my app is rejected because of the libpng library, I don't understand what exactly should I do. The app is made by eclipse. Please tell me the detail of what shout I do. Thanks
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    Want to start reskin !!! Some informations needed !!

    Hello everybody, Well I'm very interested in making money from the internet , so it's at least 4 months that i'm searching a lot about it and reading about making money methods such as CPA , reskin , shopify eCommerce , programming as a freelance . I'm the first year in computer science...
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    How to add leaderboards to an Android game?

    Hello, I'm quite new to Android development. I have this game Square Dodge, where I need to add some kind of leaderboards for users to compare scores and I thought that Facebook would be best. However I couldn't find a simple guide on how to do that. Could someone help me or at least link me to...