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  1. D


    Hello members of the community my name is Donald and I am from London UK. I literally JUST found this website by looking up someone I JUST saw on a Instagram Ad. This place is unbelievable and to think there is something like this AVAILABE for us entrpreneures is absolutely mindblowing. As you...
  2. goredbull

    I will Create A Special Report For The Clickbank eBook You Are Promoting[GIVEAWAY]

    Happy New Year Guys! As the title says i will create a special report for every member thanking me and posting on this thread.The ebook will help you get more sales because you can use your affiliate links inside the the ebooks with call to action and sent the reader directly to the sales...
  3. Julzwriter

    Should I give 100% money back gurantee for my ebook?

    I have just finished writing my second ebook and I am looking forward to launching it on 1st August. I was wondering if it is a good idea to offer my readers a three day 100% money back gurantee, no questions asked, if the ebook doesn't deliver on what it promises. The reason I am doing this is...
  4. blackma

    I Need Software That Can Go Through My E-Book Collection And Give Them All The Same Footer

    Hey guys, I am currently looking for software that can go through all my ebooks and give them the same signature. The signature will be a simple image that can be clicked (and brought to my website), similar style as a banner on a website. It will appear as a box and the bottom of the page...
  5. Peter Shaw

    eBook - How I Made My First $500!

    Hello everyone. This topic is all about an eBook i may be looking to create. I can't really decide whats best, so with the help of your feedback i will either create the eBook or not bother. Please read the following thread if you haven't already read it...
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