ebook formating

  1. X-R0

    ebook „Lead Magnet“ creation

    I want to know, how you‘re creating your ebooks. I don‘t really talk about „books“ I want to bring good content together for a lead magnet. I try playing around with Acrobat Reader, but it’s a bit too complex. I pretty sure It‘s easy to learn AR, but I want to save time. So, any Idea? A good...
  2. HelenaS

    Creating ebook on Linux Ubuntu?

    How to create ebook for Amazon Kindle self-publishing on Linux operating system?
  3. HelenaS

    How to convert PDF ebook into KINDLE format? Help!

    Hi people! Currently, I am writing my first ebook in Canva online tool for creating graphics or documents and I will be saving the file like PDF. When I am done, I will be self-publishing it on KindleAmazon. But, I have one question about it. Do I need to convert PDF file into KINDLE format so...