ebay partners

  1. lmarton

    Ebay Partner Network + Payoneer??

    Does EPN works with payoneer global payment service? Anyone tried this? I added my payoneer EUR account details to epn direct deposit but I don't know if it works...I registered to epn with a germany vpn because my country is not allowed. My previous account was banned before payment. Now I...
  2. lmarton

    Ebay partner network banned

    My Ebay partner network account was banned. I earned $50 in short period of time. They asked my traffic source in email, I didn't answer and they banned me. Now I created another epn account. I don't have a website and there is no referer at all. Unfourtonetly my method works only if I redirect...
  3. sikandar

    How much money you make as Ebay Partner?

    I was approved as Ebay Partner long ago but never promoted Ebay after they changed the payment criteria for affiliates. Many of you must be promoting Ebay products as an affiliate. I'd appreciate if you could post your earnings and broad niche. This would help me and other BHatters to decide...
  4. ikanz

    JV For...Who Are Serious About IM..!!

    Hello BHW, To those of who know me i used to stuff egay auctions and am very well versed with all aspects of earning from egay. i am looking for JV with 10 people who i will mentor to earn from epn. i will not be taking people more then 10. you dont need to have any experience as i would...
  5. mystery

    Ebay Partners Program - Is There A Way?

    For what? to bypass the automatic rejection of international members who want to sign up as partners. Has anyone international successfully registered with them?
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