ebay account for rent

  1. Lord of Skies

    My eBay selling expertise + Your UK eBay Account(s)

    If you have unused UK based eBay account or you have neve made any money out of your eBay account, this joint venture thread is for you. What I'm offering at my end? Product research Lists of hot selling products on eBay eBay store management from order placing to customer support What i...
  2. Carlods99

    [JV] My eBay Selling Skills + Your Unused eBay Account(s)

    Hello everyone, I am searching for unused eBay Account(s), real, verified from both mail, phone and IDs and never restricted to make togheter profits. What do I need? :) Account at least 9 months old, never restricted, can have 0 feedback. Real and fresh payment method attached (never used...
  3. Carlods99

    [JV] Make Passive Money by renting your Ebay Account to us (Max 10 people)

    Hello everyone :) I am offering a good JV/Second income to you! If you have an eBay account that you don't know how to use or you want an extra income. What do I need?;) eBay account at least 8 months old with email, cellphone, bank account and documents verified. Access to the bank, if you...
  4. EcomWolfs

    [JV] My eBay accounts and payment processors + Your HOT products

    Hello, Looking for serious business partner with proven market-fit products and solid supply chain. What I can provide from my side: Any number of eBay accounts Protection that eBay accounts will not be suspended Payment back-end (banks, payoneers, aged paypals) I have warm contacts with ebay...
  5. EcomWolfs

    eBay Managed Payments Active Seller Accounts: USA, EU, UK

    Hello BHW forum members! My name is Kevin! We are delighted to offer eBay Seller accounts on this forum! Few words about the team you will work with: -You are buying from bulk suppliers of eBay accounts for the past 5 years. -You are buying from team who created and sold more than...
  6. GrandJam

    How to sell an ebay account ?

    I want to sell my ebay account how can i do that and how much can i earn from it my account active since 2008 and have more than 500 feedback
  7. Value Stuff

    My Digitel Product Your eBay account 50-50%.

    Hi Freinds, I'm Looking for Partner if you have an old eBay account with PayPal attach or PayPal doesn't hold 21 days. then its Right Time To Work together And Make a good profit. get 50-50% Revenue sharing Deal. if you meet these little criteria. And want to work with me as a partner then show...
  8. GoogleDude

    JV| Need Ebay Seller Accounts

    Looking for a Top rated eBay Seller Accounts We are a well-reputed company and we need to buy few top rated eBay seller accounts as part of our expansion on this marketplace. Tried and tested, we have been making big money from this platform and now we look to collaborate with eBay seller...
  9. santhoshjack

    I like to buy top rated seller US ebay id anybody interested pm me?

    I like to buy top rated seller ebay id anybody interested pm me.
  10. Naveen257

    Looking for aged Ebay.com accounts

    Hello there, i'm looking for an aged ebay.com (US) account(s). If available please drop me a message on BHW or just reply in the thread below. Cheers
  11. V


    US AND UK EBAY and Amazon SELLERS to help market a software i just got sales / marketing resell rights to sell a software its for civil engineers for Reinforced concrete design of Bridges of all types and complex super structures. please i plead with you to accept to be paid based on percentage...
  12. B

    Looking for eBay Accounts: I want to rent an ebay seller account

    Hello, I was a long time seller on ebay with two good standing accounts. Starting from last month, Paypal stopped to work in my country, Turkey. That's why, I'm unable to sell my products there anymore. To find a solution, I started a thread here last month, and looked for ebay sellers to sell...
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