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  1. T

    warning about EATSTOPEAT

    i ve been promoting vendor EATSTOPEAT for years now. before i get money from upsells, now i get zero money from all upsells, just a few bucks for the first sell. i am attaching 1 example of many. 9 upsells and zero payments for me. i send many emails to 'brad' but he never ansers. i will stop...
  2. SubhoC

    Is it difficualt to get a Clickbank Refund ? o.O

    I've never purchased a clickbank product before as I generally find them elsewhere online ;) There are two products though which I would like to have - 1- Eat stop Eat latest 2016 version. I have the 5th edition 2- Unlock your Hip Flexors Since these are diet and exercise related products I...