1. Lazzmarr

    Greetings from an ignorant newb...

    Hi, I'm Lazz. I'm hoping to learn (pretty much anything, honestly) something that I enjoy and can also use in my money-making {read; survival} endeavors. I'm one of those people that is really good at coming up with ideas and really cool sh*t...for other people. Sadly, I tend to do this often...
  2. Elvis Tile

    Hello BWH World!

    Here I am, maybe I dont know what awaits for me here, but am willing to put my money on the fact that I might come off with a trick or two. ✌fingers crossed
  3. kirkonpolttaja

    Finland greets you all!

    Hey all! I'm new eager student in the flanks. Shortly about me... i have used most of my life infront of PC screen and i have been pumping my brains full of information, so much that i feel like that i will snap someday, but information hunger just keeps me destroying myself with knowledge. I...
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