e-mail blast

  1. MagicInternetMoney

    How to best utilize e-mail list with 1+ million German subscribers?

    Dear BHW, I recently acquired this e-mail list through mutual acquaintances, however I am very inexperienced in e-mail marketing. I do speak pretty good German although it is not my first language. The list only contains e-mails so how would you best utilize this list? Just sign up for a...
  2. T

    Any success with casino e-mail marketing?

    Hi there! I have some great e-mail lists from LATAM, and I was wondering how to launch a successful e-mail campaign in the casino vertical? Has anyone had some success with this? Should I send the traffic directly to the casino from the e-mail, or should I create a pre-landing page? Any...
  3. eNzim

    ▶️ GMONSTER ◀️ THE MASS GMAIL SENDER | GMass On Steroids | Cold Emailing On A Whole New Level! ✅

    (Our website has moved to Gmonster.co)
  4. 4

    Experienced e-mail marketer wanted

    Looking for an experienced e-mail marketer. Must have setup multiple successful campaigns. Budget 800-1000 per month. Send me a PM with results and numbers (you can block out the information that is not relevant) but client would like to see statistics and revenue of course :) Thanks!
  5. Seagate44

    Email blast, Mass email, Mass mailing solution

    Looking for a mass emailing solution, clean and verified e-mails. I used Amazon SES sending 400-1200 emails/day but now it goes to spam. Please offer solutions.
  6. Seagate44

    How to BULK deliver to gmail.com ??

    Hey I've got mailing list of over 50k potential customers and I want to send them e-mail with my link, but as we all know sending that many emails with the same link will end up putting these emails in junk box real quick (in the best scenario). Also it may be treated as a spam, I dont mind it...
  7. V

    Mass email for the mac / general affiliate marketing advice

    Hello, I used to run a quite successful e-mail marketing campaign with DirectMail for Mac. After a while they seemed to start checking my e-mails and deemed them un-suitable for their software. I loved the software however, and my question is: Anyone know about an alternative for the Mac, that...
  8. johnmuts

    Huge e-mail list monetizing

    Hi all, First post here, so bear with me. I'll tell you what I've been doing. I first searched for and downloaded the LinkedIn database dump. It's the real thing and contains 164,611,595 e-mail addresses of Linkedin users at the time of the hack, being 2012. So, I've started...
  9. D

    bulk e-mail marketing really works for pharmacy website USA?

    guys,am planning to set up new website pharmacy niche, which sell drugs online to USA customers, so here I decided to go with email blasting... will this really work as am newbie,am investing $500 for the site setup & all. pls share your views, suggestions...!
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