1. bbbb bbbb

    iWanna Write a E-book...How??

    I wanna make some online money and I been trying for a while now with no success, I'm far from giving up tho!! In life I like to go with my gut instinct because it never let me down...My gut instinct keeps telling me to write a e-book and sell it...Now I don't know nothing about writing e-books...
  2. O

    My introduction

    Hello, i am omnibooksand I am new here at BHW! As the name may suggest, i am here for e-books and I am eventually looking to sell and/or give away some of my own. What do I write about? I mainly write e-books concerning IRL situations, such as what to do if arrested by the police. A lot of...
  3. T

    Hiring ghost writers for books/screenplays? (already have plots)

    Howdy all, My first post so be gentle. I watched my ex wife write a screen play over two years full time (while I slaved away! Might explain why she is an Ex!) Now I have some idea/plots I have written out for books/screenplays but do not have the time to write them (well the motivation...
  4. P

    Is There Still Money To Be Made In Niche e-Books?

    Just wondering if it is possible to make any sort of reasonable pay-check by selling e-books dedicated to specific niches in this day and age?
  5. S

    Making a lot of money by simply speaking to your cellphone!

    Hi guys! The trick is... You should write an e-book. It is not so difficult as it sounds. Steps to do it properly: 1. Pick a topic. I prefer to visit 43things.com. 2. Gather knowledge - in this case, I prefer youtube. Just watch videos on the topic. 3. Writing an e-book... You shouldn't write...
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