dynamic ip

  1. S

    Can I Setup an VPN for every connection that goes out from my computer?

    Hi, my main problem is I need to change my IP Address at every connection I'm making. Using a normal VPN doesn't solve my issue because I'm going to automate the process with Selenium Webdriver. And I couldn't find a solid way for setting up a VPN on a computer or on Selenium Webdriver :( I...
  2. Edvard Benk

    I need help with dynamic IP's

    I own a network of raspberry pi's around my city, that run squid, creating my own network. Here's the main problem: most of these IP's are dynamic. I tried noip, dynu and opendns, so far I'm very confused how to make it work Is anyone willing to walk me through or at least point me in the...
  3. HumbleFox

    How do i keep my VIP72 proxy

    For those of you that use the VIP72 service, is there any way i can keep an IP address for longer than two seconds?? I need to have a reliable way to login to sites with the same IP so getting a new IP address every other click is not working. Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help.
  4. Hogare

    Dynamic IPs and WEB 2.0s

    Hey guys, I'm in a middle of building a lot of web 2.0 buffer sites, and was wondering whether I should use private proxies since I have a dynamic IP which is switched two times a day. I've got private proxies for scrapebox but I really don't want to go down that road if I really don't have to...
  5. S

    Need Help

    Hi I have been on this forum for over an year now...I have read a lot and had a moderate income..which has been spent already :D However, I would like to do/try something new now.. I would really be thankfull if you guys can tell me a way to make money..I have lots of VCCs..which means i have...
  6. F

    Dynamic IP?

    So I just got a VPN with dynamic IP, can I still be tracked? Like - can I get caught signing up for my cpas and things like that? Thanks in advance..