1. T

    Facing Duplicate Content Issues in 301

    Hi Everyone, I have a year-old website now I want to move it to a new domain so I have applied 301 redirection. It's successfully applied but now I am facing the problem with indexing. Google Search Console displays the error "Page is not indexed: Duplicate, Google chose a different canonical...
  2. F

    Can i get some advice regarding duplicate content on Ecommerce site

    Hi All, Since most of your are experts at what you do hopefully you can advice me on how i can resolve the below issue without having to 301 each url manually which is just too long. so this is my issue i have a ecommerce website and since i list the same product in multiple categories this...
  3. krajacic

    [On-Page] Does duplicate H1 tags or titles on Forums matter? Because of pagination.

    Not sure how this forum has it if any issues. But I found it strange on my forum, screaming frog told me I have tons of duplicate H1 Tags or Title Tags. And then I have realized it is because of pagination. So homepage.com/recipes/thread/Pizza_recipe-p1.html and...
  4. Internet-Marketer

    How to rotate link on different platforms?

    Hey, is it possible to rotate affiliate link according to platform like as Google, Bing and Native? Or we can just create duplicate website for every traffic source?
  5. akash80575

    Plugin To Automatically Post Content via RSS Feed

    Any suggestion for a plugin to duplicate content and automatically post it into my WordPress site via RSS feed?
  6. L

    Please check this

    Hello can some one please help me in finding my website duplicate content i want to delte the duplicate content pages from my website i dont have copyspace premium please can some one help in this thank you
  7. C

    [Question] How to clone my own site?

    Hi there, First, sorry, if i make a new thread and wrong section.. Second, let say, i have 2 domain AAA com BBB com i want to clone AAA com to BBB com how? i try updraft plugin.. BBB com always redirect do AAA com i try duplicator (free) i cant upload... my file 298 MB.. max upload...
  8. hatterftw1

    Can duplicate content pages get indexed and ranked ?

    So in terms of RSS syndication if you were pulling in and RSS feed and reposting them to your site is there a chance some posts could get indexed and bring in some organic residual traffic in todays google, even though you changed nothing or maybe very litte ?
  9. C

    Which is better duplicate or 404?

    Which is better if I have - 3000 - duplicate pages or - 3000 - 404 error pages? I dont have any other options. :( Please give me an advice!
  10. the gent

    Does google sees translated content as duplicate?

    If I translate articles from different sites and translating them into English and publish them on my blog works? Will Google treat this as a duplicate or it will be unique? As I want to apply for Adsense with this blog!
  11. MehdiBmm

    How to remove these from SERPS?

    Hey pals, I've got a wordpress blog based on Sahifa theme and I noticed that numbered pages are indexed that countain like an archive for posts. Screen below: Problem is, on Yoast Seo I got the category page not indexed, the author's archive and other archives are not to be indexed too...
  12. C

    have any tool for compare and remove duplicate email in many text file ?

    have any tool for compare and remove duplicate email in many text file ? see example imgur.com/3YEPsVx thank you very very much for help me. god bless you .
  13. Dexter Kohli

    Who copied Who

    Okay, so this is a white hat question talking about something blackhat, So, I guess this would be in White Hat SEO. My question is, that what if I publish an article on my website, and it doesn't index on google yet, But someone else, comes to my website, steals the article, and publishes it on...
  14. Bishal Bhandari

    How To Make Dub Youtube VIdeo wihtout Ban?

    How To Make Dub Youtube VIdeo withtout Ban? I am making a video playlist but I am afraid that it will be dubicate and reported as spam an I will get ban from youtube if I post other video copying them . I dont currently have equipment to make video so will some one help me ?
  15. P

    Duplicate / Syndicated Content Issue for Car Site

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and thought I'd ask for some advice regarding a site I've created. It's an online used car classifieds site, similar to Autotrader etc, users and dealers can post their ads for free. It's not your run of the mill car classifieds site, its taken nearly 2 years to build...
  16. qwertzui11

    Google doesnt care about ccTLD?

    I am wondering how possibly can peaople get away with 10 years old seo techniques. I am in eastern Europe, ccTLD, one of the hardest language. And I am seeing that google doesnt care about shit, whats happening here. I have never seen a deindex in my 5yrs online carrier. Seeing the...
  17. R

    Video Monetisation Not Accepted

    Hi guys, This is Rob, a black hat newbie from Italy. I have a couple of Youtube channels I use to learn YouTube SEO and marketing. The first one has about 100K total views and that should be enough to allow the monetisation, but YouTube denied me permission. I guess the problem is that the...
  18. The Doctor

    SEO - How Strict is Search on Duplicate Content?

    I was writing code for a proof of concept for a new content tool and checking the content I generated against Copyscape. What I found is that it seems as though people are doing something similar to what I was coding does. Most of the articles I generated listed Copyscrape results of articles...
  19. codeman1234

    What to do with content that is duplicate?

    Hello, Maybe this is a dumb question but, how you deal with content that is duplicate for Google not to penalize it? What I mean with content that is duplicate is for example if you have an amazon affiliate store then the product description that will show same on amazon and in other sites...
  20. xNotch

    Acceptable amount of duplicate content?

    I just bought a 300 word article from someone and ran it through copyscrape. Everything looked good except for one sentence which appears to be an exact match to a sentence on Wikipedia. How big a deal is this?
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