duplicate website

  1. S

    Duplicate Website

    Hi everyone, My site has been duplicated by someone and it's indexed in Google. We have started the process to remove this site from the search engine. Does anyone have any other solutions? Thanks
  2. Steffyrain

    How to find a clone or duplicate websites?

    I have multiple websites and Get cloned by someone , How can i find cloned or duplicate websites? I want to check my other websites cloned or not, Your suggestion feedback help me alot
  3. loukeyzee

    ✅DUPLIBOT Website Cloner, Website Copier, Website Duplicator | Google Chrome Extension | Start Working Efficiently! ✅✅

  4. M

    Looking For Website Copier / Cloner

    Hello guys, This is my first post here on BHW. I'm looking for a website copier to exactly copy any website from net mostly shopping stores. I wanna use them for Google Ads dummy sites. I saw someone is using cloned sites on Google & doing pretty well. But it's looks like he's not using Ht...
  5. bruno0

    Any tools to duplicate websites?

    I'm working with Adwords Grant accounts. Running plenty of affiliate offers. Most of the times, i need to Duplicate A website. here i'm asking you guys, Any good tool to Duplicate entire website? that enables me to Modify my aff link. Do let me know if you guys have an idea
  6. K

    Is this duplicate content?

    Your website has 100 articles. You put each of those 100 articles in PDF files and put those PDF files into your website. Would Google consider this as duplicate content?
  7. IDealOnlineMarketing

    What Next?

    Hello Blackhaters, I'm trying to clone a website. With the help of HTT track I have downloaded all of the databases. Sites which i'm to clone is using JavaScript and I don't very knowledge in scripting and how scripting works. Please suggest me the steps to clone a website. (Require same...
  8. N

    How does google determines duplicate content

    Hey Guys , We usually use copyscape to check if the content is duplicate or not. What do you all think what google uses to decide about duplicate content. http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2008/09/demystifying-duplicate-content-penalty.html Google clearly mentions there is no such...
  9. B

    Copy Entire Website (the RIGHT way)

    Guys, this seems like a simple request of something that is MUCH needed for anyone trying to replicate a website and spin the content inside that site. How do I copy a website then strip it of its footprints (image names, css classes/styles etc.) I found this in another request on BHW...
  10. C

    Duplicate website - please help ! !

    Hello guys- hope you are well.i need your advise,help would be appreciated as i am a newbie.sorry ?! i have opened an account with amazon and created an a-shop.but as u know,the wesite is just another duplicate.i have a domain name,so how do i go about linking the domain name to the a-shop...
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