1. S

    Anyone that used the opioid drug Subsys, marketed by Insys Therapeutics

    Smashing Addiction Now is a national online rehab treatment center working with lawyers around the country. In addiction to rehab services they are looking to monetize any users of the opioid drug Subsys, marketed by Insys Therapeutics. 15 years of service to lawyers We can monetize any...
  2. renegaderats

    >> Drug Rehab Affiliate/Lead-Gen. Program Needed <<

    Hey guys/gals, I'm looking to monetize a website in the drug rehab nich. I need to find a few rehab programs with an affiliate/lead-generation program that i can refer visitors to. Im having a hard time finding these programs, as a matter of fact I havn't even found 1 yet. If anyone knows of...
  3. G

    Drug treatment blog - Looking for honest advice

    Ok, so here's my story...I've had a very close family member pass away due to drug addiction in 2009. In response, my mother and I have put together a blog to help those in the same situation before its too late. The goal is to ultimately gain enough attention to get a state bill passed in...
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