dropshipping automation

  1. Tanki Faruk

    (Dropshipping JV) Looking for ebay, amazon,etsy seller and as many dropshippers as possible to sell a Turkish Lamps product (handicraft)

    Hi there,We have been dealing with Turkish lamps for an average of 25 years.These products are generally sold to tourists coming to Turkey.I can say it has a serious profit margin. We manufacture it and therefore it is cheaper,we need people to market our products.The products are handcrafted...
  2. R

    Drop shipping in Singapore

    Is there anyone doing drop shipping in Asia, mainly Singapore? What product are you succeed at? How do you deal with shipping?
  3. S

    Automated Instagram DM Bot Secret Code

    Hey guys! Does anyone know how to get the Instagram bot FlashFunnels (formerly SalesBrain) to approve your request for a secret code that gives you registration access? Their software is essentially a chatbot for your Instagram DM. It allows you run an ecom store without having to pay for...
  4. digitalgeckos


    Custom on demand all in one drop shipping stores! We’ve got you covered with everything including domain name, hosting, web design, video ads, and social media boost. Sorry, no fancy infographics :) What we offer Fully customized drop shipping store (just choose the niche or let us do it for...
  5. CertificationsXpert

    How I Built an Online T-Shirt Business and Made $10,590 in last 30 Days

    In April i started an eCommerce store on Shopify related to Pets ( Dogs Niche). I had sold few T-shirts in this Niche via Facebook Advertisement on POD platforms so i had a few idea of the Niche and decided to have a GO on Shopify with this niche. I am not gonna explain how to Sign up On...
  6. chillerfx

    What's the cheap & best alternative to Printful?

    Most dropshippers knew that the Printful's pricing is way above the roof! Is there a better alternative to this (especially when dealing with printed shirts) , which also has integrations with custom websites rather having only with shopify/woocommerce? Looking for a cheaper cum reliable POD...
  7. D

    Question Price Comparison Tool - Automated

    Hi, I'm looking for a price comparison tool, which automatically detects big price differences between marketplaces such as Aliexpress, Ebay, Amazon, Etsy etc. Are there any tools besides Profit Spy which do this? I'm not willing to pay $70 per month for profit spy just to make use of 1 of...
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