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  1. LX911

    Need Advice on Dropshipping vs Delivery Issue!

    Hi, I did setup a FB-Insta promotion as a test to sell certain products from a dropshipper. It turned out well as it was primarily within the friends circle, so now I am looking to scale the model but facing severe issues in 1 area.. When the delivery person calls the Customer to ask for the...
  2. J

    How to start drop shipping with only $700?

    Hi everyone, I would like to start a drop shipping business but I only have a total of $700 to start. Should I use Facebook ads for starting or Google ads is better? Any opinion or experience sharing will be appreciated.
  3. GringoMonkey

    [METHOD] How to make a Profit Drop Shipping (Step-by-Step-Guide with Examples)

    The biggest mistake people make when they set up a drop shipping store is they fail to create an upsell funnel. It is those backend products that ensure your store is both profitable and has long term success. Below I am going to give you a strategy blueprint of how you do that complete with...
  4. CThomasRaging

    eCommerce/Drop Shipping Course With Affiliate Program?

    Hey, does anybody know if there is some eCommerce or Drop Shipping course that has an affiliate program? I have found tens of courses but they don't have affiliate programs. So I contacted them via "contact us" page or through FB messenger plugin but I am still waiting for answers. Thanks!
  5. legendishere

    Facebook+Dropship question!

    Hey everyone i just starting the store and found some pages which i will gonna use as my clients basically they are mine targeted audience but i can't see the full list of people who have liked and following the page???? Does anyone know how i can see all the likes and followers of someone...