1. b_hatW

    Simple DevOps Task

    Hello, I have a digital ocean account, GitHub code, digital ocean server creation, and setup already done, now just need to clone the code from GitHub, build it and push it on the server and make the domain live. You have work on any desk/Teamviewer. If you can start it right now please let me...
  2. thesilverhawk619

    Deploying multiple wordpress on one Digital Ocean Droplet

    Hello, I am thinking of starting 4-5 blogs and I cant afford to take different hosting plans for all of them. Somewhere I read that buying a droplet from Digital Ocean and we can Install multiple wordpress sites with different domains is possible. Is it really possible..? I thought a port...
  3. Doctor Strange

    [Help] Digital Ocean Account Locked

    I badly need Digital Ocean Droplet for some purpose. I have opened an account & tried Debit cards and they told me they are not accepting Debit cards anymore and I may create a PayPal account with my cards then I may add my PayPal account to DigitalOcean. So I tried to pay with my US Stealth...
  4. CheapVerifications


    I'm giving away 1 digital ocean account. with 100$ credit. please pm me since i can't pm you first.