drop domain

  1. shapito27

    Hello BHW! I am Ruslan

    Hello, guys, my name Ruslan. I'm backend developer from Russia. Also i'm interested in SEO. Had long time experience with searching drop domains. Now working on my project(bestdrop.io) to find drop domains with backlinks from trusted websites like Wikipedia. Some days ago made MVP available for...
  2. E

    I cannot sell my domain (cvgoogle.com)

    Hello, I have adomain name on GoDaddy network it is (cvgoogle.com) I tried to sell it on sedo auctions but sedo rejected listing my domain they say that it has copy rights for Google and I tried to list it for selling in GoDaddy auctions to but they rejected it too .now..this domain age is 7...
  3. E

    Expired domain with good DA, but bad history: buy or not?

    Hello everyone! I need an advice :) I found few very good domains with necessary keywords for my niche. Both domains have a good DA, nonspam anchor-lists and blablabla. But in the middle of their life somebody used their for pornsite or casino. Should I to buy this domains or it's a bad idea...
  4. Edu-Money

    Buy Drop Domains - the Step by Step Guide

    Today we are going to talk about such a tricky thing as buying a drop domain. This article was prepared by our company specialists from the SEO department adjoining the love by many Edu-Money (education field affiliates). DISCLAIMER: All of the information down below comes as a result of our...
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