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    I cannot sell my domain (cvgoogle.com)

    Hello, I have adomain name on GoDaddy network it is (cvgoogle.com) I tried to sell it on sedo auctions but sedo rejected listing my domain they say that it has copy rights for Google and I tried to list it for selling in GoDaddy auctions to but they rejected it too .now..this domain age is 7...
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    Expired domain with good DA, but bad history: buy or not?

    Hello everyone! I need an advice :) I found few very good domains with necessary keywords for my niche. Both domains have a good DA, nonspam anchor-lists and blablabla. But in the middle of their life somebody used their for pornsite or casino. Should I to buy this domains or it's a bad idea...
  3. Edu-Money

    Buy Drop Domains - the Step by Step Guide

    Today we are going to talk about such a tricky thing as buying a drop domain. This article was prepared by our company specialists from the SEO department adjoining the love by many Edu-Money (education field affiliates). DISCLAIMER: All of the information down below comes as a result of our...