1. A

    Need help connecting USB WiFi Adapter to virtual box

    I am trying to install driver for Realtek 8812BU so that it functions properly on my virtualbox, because whenever I try to connect it to my kali machine on vbox it just stops functioning basically as soon as i plug it in, but works fine on my host. MY WIRELESS Adapter is an AIGITAL 1200M Realtek...
  2. Alonfill

    I Need Help BHW when I Install bandicam, camtasia show Error

    Hi BHW Member, I have no idea which category suitable for this post I know someone solves my problem when I install the software Bandicam, Camtasia in my HP Elitebook 6930 show this error, I am using windows 7 right now please give me any tips to check the screenshot.
  3. Hallozwei

    Need US Amazon Reviewer

    Hello, everyone! I need 5-10 reviewers for this FM Transmitter Bluetooth. 100% refund by PayPal after review! PM me please with your amz profile if you are interested. US Only!