1. MetDark

    An AI Experiment to draw the world together

    World Draw
  2. w1ll

    Bored 16yo dood that likes to draw and shit

    Hi there. Im w1ll. I like to code webpages. Im learning c++ and SFML. I like to draw. See yall later, I like this place.
  3. Sufernor

    Yo Guys! I'm begining artist

    Yo guys! Im happy be here! Short story from Ukraine }: ) Im begining artist, and my "job" - blood-donor This "job" help me combine earn and drawing. But! It beat for my health! And I started looking an alternative for my life And then Im here! Thank u, Guys!
  4. D

    Anyone looking to hire?

    Is there anyone that is looking for someone to design a logo, draw a picture, or write an story? I'm sorry if this isn't the right section. I tried to find one that I thought would be it but had no luck. I'm 16 and have minimum skill in those tasks but I can try my best and will work for cheap...
  5. hoot33

    Promoting a Charity Draw. How To:

    Hey all, Im trying to promote draw for charity to raise awareness about debilitating mental health disorders and the lack of support for such diseases in the United States and Canada. This is a legitimate draw, the winner will receive $100 to them or the charity they choose. This doesnt sound...
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