1. hanschristian

    How to download playlists or albums from Youtube Music?

    I'm searching all the the web through Yandex, Brave Search, Duckduckgo, Reddit, extensions... The Internet search results are full of rubbish. All results are "SEO" websites with automated/useless content (full of "Free", "Best", "Top", "2023" and all those stupid scammy titles), and all search...
  2. H

    How to bulk download full image galleries from imagefap or/and xhamster (for free)?

    I found only locoloader. com, but their free version is limited. Can anyone help me to find a way to download full image galleries?
  3. B

    Facebook Downloader Website

    Hi, I want to ask you guys if this type of website will work? Here is an example of facebook video downloader You can download facebook videos only providing the link URL (you know that in this moment you don t have this option on facebook. It will work? Thanks!
  4. w1ll

    YouTube API's limits

    Howdy BHW members! I started developing my own YouTube downloader. Why? Cause I wanted a website that: 1) Works on old browsers 2) Is fast 3) That gives me the ability to download thumbnails, avatars, metadata, MP3/MP4/3GP files and so on. The way it works: The user is the one that sends the...
  5. SmartBoyZ

    I need someone to make a Pinterest scraper

    My goal is simple, I need our BHW genius to build me a bot/scraper that will scrape tens of thousands URLs from Pinterest for keywords I input. PM me your price and TAT if you are interested.
  6. daverawcus

    ➤★★[Software] RipNMix - Download The Latest Viral Content on Auto 24/7 (Perfect for Jarvee!)★★➤

  7. anup999

    How to download facebook fanpage photos?

    As said in title I want to download pictures from Facebook fanpage, i tried to find the Facebook scrapper but didn't find any good. The scrapper I got is either outdated or removed. Please post or suggest any if you know.
  8. Wutnax

    Instagram Mass Photo Downloader

    Is there any way I can download all uploads from an account (someone else’s, not mine) on iPhone? (A PC program will do as an alternative) I don’t know the correct term for the name of the program I’m after, ideally something free because I’m a cheapskate. I could’ve used the search feature I...
  9. Madame Cosmos

    Can someone recommend a good video scraper for Ali Express?

    Hey there! I'm trying to find a way to download a video from a product page on AliExpress so that I can share it to social media, since i sell this product in one of my shops :'D The host is something called Taobao? There's a lot of video download extensions for Chrome, epic and some of these...
  10. redbandit

    Any Recomendation for a High Quality Video Downloader

    I am looking to download high quality videos from Facebook, any software recommendations ? i tried a bunch of them but all i get is poor quality equivalent to less than 240 p. thanks in advance
  11. C

    [php script] Need Facebook Video Downloader

    Hi, I have Google for almost the whole week for the script to download video from Facebook but couldn't find the working one. Anyone have a working script and can share with me? thanks
  12. demienles

    Looking for an app to download videos off sites like VIMEO, YouTube, etc

    One that is free and that isnt filled will a bunch of malware. Not paying for one either as the service is free on most web sites but they take forever to download.
  13. ToxicBlack

    [GET] TumblrDownloader

    Hello guys! Finally I reached 50 posts and going to share my tool I programmed myself for my Tumblr Jurney :-) Usage: 1. fill Tumblr blog name (without 2. select download directory 3 (optional) set limit how many images to download 3. click Start! Screen: VirusTotal for MAC...
  14. B

    Looking for a working Youtube Bulk Downloader

    Hi everyone, To start with I would like to thank everyone on BHW for this amazing community that helped me find my way around IM! For the past days I have been looking for a working bulk/batch youtube downloader, I am looking for a program that: Can work with a list of scraped YT url's Is...
  15. rickydzine

    Downloading youtube videos in BULK!

    Well not sure if this is a repost but I believe it's a common question. By using a firefox addon named "BYTubeD - Bulk YouTube video Downloader" You can download mass amounts of videos either by channel, playlist, related videos. As long as it is on the page where you rightclick then you will...
  16. X

    How can I download YT video with the description and tags..

    I want to download some videos from Youtube with the description and tags. What is software that can perform this task? Thanks..
  17. macpaulos

    How do I download images from a list?

    This may seem like a easy question....but I'm stumped :). How do I download a load of images from a csv? Additionally I would like to name them automatically, preferably from a field on the CSV. Thanks for your help :)
  18. A

    RedTube Grabber

    i am new so don't know if i am posting at right place i just want some reviews about my recently created script(in PHP) Can i sell it to get some money?
  19. L

    [REQ] Article Directory Scraper or Downloader??

    Does anyone know of an Article Directory (Ezine, Go, etc) scraper or downloader? Preferably with some sort of search feature (keyword, category, etc) that can fetch and download the text based articles? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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