1. M

    [Jorney] doorways and CPA

    My journey with doorways began in 2010, when I started learning Python. Scraped one of the torrent tracker with educational literature and made doorway based on it. I uploaded books on the file sharing service and received my first $100. Before that, I was involved in the MFA and MFS (Made for...
  2. D

    How long it takes google to discover that i am using a doorway??

    hello , i want to ask you guys , How long it takes google to discover that i am using a doorway(bridge page)for (a dutch niche 2500 search monthly), If we assume that there is no person was declare me on google webmasters?? second question ; How long it takes with me to rank 1#page on google...
  3. D

    what is the best methode to rank faster (301 redirect)or (doorways) ??

    helo geeks , i am noob i have 3 question for you , my first question is can i build backlinks to my download link(my file on ziddu or megafiles or any upload website) to rank first page on google or should i put the file on my own website ?? second question can i build doorways on...
  4. gottapays

    Help.. Which Software Does He Use For Doorways?

    Hi, Can anyone let me know which software is using this webpage? Thanks for the help ! Mike