1. ALdelta1

    Domains in other Languages

    I'm hunting for domains in other languages than English via DomCop and Is there a way to filter the search for other languages or must I use particular sites with their own languages? Any suggestions for multi-language domain-drop sites?
  2. ALdelta1

    Domains in foreign languages

    I need to find domains in foreign languages. I'm using DomCop and and I dont know how to find domains in foreign languages on these sites. Preferably expiring domains but expired ones works just as well. Foreign language domain sites are welcomed. Languages looking for are...
  3. manas23

    Expired Domains and PBN

    I will start a new journey/e-commerce website based on Shopping/Clothes/Fashion niche. My main focus will be on PBN’s and how to find some really powerful domains in this niche. After some digging here many vendors do not sell domains related to my niche and got no luck from expireddomains...
  4. Mirkogiovannetti

    What should I do once I buy a domain on domcop?

    Dear friends there are some things that I still don't understand about the exploitation of domains with high authority ... Once I bought a domain with good indexes (DA, TF and number of Backlinks Do follow ...) what should I do? Will all backlinks that were linked to domain items be lost? how...
  5. taouil

    Starting my own PBN, need some guidance

    Hello, After using multiple services from BHW & out, for link building using PBN's, I think it's time to invest in my own PBN, I have $5K to start this project, I will also put $500-$800 each month (for new websites after I finish the $5K), I have already hired a full-time writer (for my other...
  6. D

    After i buying domcop...

    Hello my friends i want to know your opinion. i payed 98$ in domcop to find good expired domains for SEO, but i see the most of the domains are not so good with low Trust in majestic , I can use it for free in expireddomains +net Is there any significant advantage I miss ? Compared to the free...
  7. R

    Expired Domains Finder

    Hello Please I want to ask you if there is any software to find NICHE expired domain, even if my target keyword isnt included in the domain. Example: Considering I want an expired domains related to catering, not all catering companies will use the word "catering" in the url, some will have a...
  8. cycoshas

    Domcop Pre-release Namejet

    I found a URL when i search on google - where pre-release domain exist (Not login) But after login i can't find these option not even in filter !!
  9. zerkamaz

    Domcop Addon Auction is GONE! Any Alternatives?

    I've been using Domcop Addon Auction for more than ONE year now, and I really enjoyed their services! I can get all metrics (TF, CF, DA, PA) of any domain names within seconds by using their extension for FREE! Now, they SHOTDOWN the service due to abuse on their API, I've asked him for a...
  10. cycoshas

    Confused About Majestic

    I am going to buy expired domain with the help of Domcop. but when i search its metrices on Majestic its show variable thing like when i search its shows 30tf searching its shows 0tf finally i search its shows 17tf Plz Help !!
  11. Cookista

    (DomCop) Crawling Strategies for High Authority Pages

    Hey guys, I am new to crawling for expired domains. Therefore I would like to know whether there are some specific crawling tactics / strategies in order to increase the probability of finding valuabe domains with high trust flow, domain authority etc. Currently I am crawling pages which are...
  12. D

    DomCop blues . . .

    So I'm a DOMCOP user. Great service overall. I just want to know why when I buy domains with the following metrics: TF 20 CF 20 - 30 Age - Over a couple years or more AHREFS Check: No spammy links | Good links Majestic Check: No spammy links | Good links So basically everything checks out...