domain forwarding

  1. Blogsmith

    Domain Forwarding / Redirection:301 or 302 - Which one is recommended

    I got 2 aged domains, both with average DR and DA. I want to build an authority website on one and use the other one for redirecting it to this authority site that will build. My question is as to which redirection option should I choose: 301 which is Permanent or 302 which is Temp and why?
  2. Delboy2424

    Using own domain forwarding to GMB website - can you lose the part?

    No issues with using a fowarding domain pointing at my GMB for a more relevant keyword search which is all set up and I can now push tier backlinks to, but is it possible to actually lose/change the *** part of the url when it lands from a visitor instead of it showing...
  3. R

    Twitter campain question

    Hello, Im hoping someone can help me decide the best way to point social media traffic towards a single domain from a good number of twitter accounts without throwing up any flags or notable footprints. To date I have been simply using url shorteners but Ive stayed conservative in my campaigns...
  4. C

    How am I being traced? And how to hide all signs of domain redirection?

    Ok, so I'm advertising my affiliate partner. Where he doesn't want me to advertise him. Let's call this place Site1. On Site1 I have links to Site2 that people click (while still on Site1). Site2 has domain forwarding to Site3. And Site3 redirects to my affiliate web site with my ID in the final...
  5. G

    I bought a Keyword Domain Name, now what!?

    Hey everyone, OK, so I've been internet marketing for about a year now and have finally learned how to do keyword research well and backlinking via linkvana. I read somewhere that it's a very good idea to use a really good keyword for your domain name. So, I happened to find a golden nugget...
  6. jazza

    Domain Forwarding to affiliate links

    Whats the best way to forward domains to an affiliate link. e..g. points to Ideally I want to tweak keywords, description etc. Is there a script a piece of php or a good service to use? Thanks in advance
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