domain development

  1. txhepoker

    How I got page #1 on Google for under $10 Dollars! A quick return to basics!

    How I got page #1 on Google for under $10 Dollars! You probably already know but a quick reminder trip back to basics! Hello Brotherhood, Here it is... Shhhh. A super secret... = NOT EVERYONE THINKS LIKE YOU! I know, I hear the DUHs as you read on. As we all have a certain knowledge of...
  2. S

    9,000 owned keyword domains

    We are new to the forum and like what we see and thought we'd float this out there. Here's the deal we own 9,000+ geo-targeted domains that cover the top 100 cities in the country. The domains target automotive, legal, healthcare, home services, tax, etc. They have all been parked for the most...
  3. istarapol

    96 4-letter Expired Domain List 12-26-2008 [includes link ads from BHW]

    Once again I've collected 96 4-letter Expired Domain List December 26, 2008 This PDF List includes the links ads submitted by BHW Members from this post. As promised, the link ads will be place on the last page. This is the first of 5 reports where I will include the LINKS. What's good about...
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