doesn't work

  1. ProfessorBlackbeard

    Has shut down their business?? Unreachable support.

    Hello, I have an account from but I can't reach their support? All help pages are empty and have no content and also the live support they have never answer. Have they gone bankrupt or whats the deal here? All answers would be helpful!
  2. R

    Hashtags doesn't appear in recent. Did I get restriction from another deleted already account? I don't have any notification.

    Hello, I have three account loggined in. One of my loggined account was deleted by Instagram because of problem with community guidelines. After this my hashtags in other accounts stopped works. I can use hashtags but my post doesn't appears in 'recent' tab. It's not banned hashtag. I don't...
  3. I

    [Important] Can't login to Instagram acc

    I got logged out and I had one year ago a account witch got blocked by Instagram so I think they blocked my Phone to Login. :( I got the E-Mail with the Login in link but even that doesn't work I contacted the Facebook Support but I think they don't want or can't help me :*( I can't Login into...
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