do follow blog

  1. Jackmitch

    Short list of Do Follow Blog list directory PR 1 - PR 6

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before but I hope it will be of use to some of you guys. I used scrapebox to get the PR of each one. This is one of my first real contributions so I hope it isn't totally useless.|6|6...
  2. V

    Free High pagerank ******** blog list

    I always come on here and don't really share too much, so I thought I would spread a little list I found that's helped me out some. It's a list of free pr3/4/5 do follow blogs: PR 5 ******** Blogs PR 4 ******** Blogs
  3. S

    Is this statement true about Page Rank?

    When building backlinks by commenting on blogs is this statement true: "The Page Rank of the URL been commented on is divided by the total links on the page and each link receives an equal percentage of the Page Rank Juice e.g 10 comments with anchor text on a Page Rank 5 URL will receive...
  4. S

    Almost 100% comments approve at do follow blogs

    The blog below just PR=0 at this time, but if you put your comments, it will give you the long term benefits. But please do not SPAM, because I will do moderation if I found the unforgivable SPAM commenting.. hehe
  5. Y

    Easy Way To Find high Pagerank + ******** Sites

    Is it black sEO or not?, don't think about that. Let's try it... I have a simple tips to find high pagerank + ******** sites. Ok let's do this... 1. Install sEoQuake toolbar on your PC (you can find it on google) 2. Search any niche that you need (ex : business) Use [" "] to make it...
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