dm limits

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    DM Blocks Instagram / Direct Message Blocks Instagram

    Hi, Since last week I have noticed that DM dont work in Jarvee. You only can send 1-2 messages every day without blocks. (@Stiletto ) Anyone have a solution for this? I have 7 licenses x 250 accs only for send messages. I have read that old bots are working for DM. Anyone know a solution? Thanks
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    Jarvee DM

    Hi, Before May updates I was able to create accounts and send messages the 2cond week of warm up. Now, it is more complicated. Anyone can explain how to DMing? Also I have accs that can send 30-40 messages/day to NON followers but the majority only can send 10. Before updates of May 2019 all...
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    Daily DM LIMIT for Instagram [Old Account]

    Please let me know if anybody knows...
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    I have built big accounts, now considering automation / bots

    Hello everyone! I've had good success on IG in the past couple years building accounts without ANY bots or apps. I currently have a few pages all 150,000 or larger that I have built from 0, and have 3-5% engagement. I've done it simply by just being consistent, and really knowing the niche I'm...