1. M

    Hi, New here, looking for Telegram and Discord spam

    Hi, I'm Mike. I am looking for telegram and discord spammers. Hopefully i can find them on this forum.
  2. K

    Looking For someone that can promote a NFT Project on Discord

    Write your offers down
  3. 0

    Looking for aged discord accounts to accept server invite

    I am looking for somebody that can accept a server invite and get verified on the server (thumbs up emoji click in a channel). Preferably aged accounts because I assume new accounts will get flagged as `fake` by the servers invite tracker bot. Ideally I want 100 people, but would like to test...
  4. L

    Discord Bot -

    I am interested to get a discord bot that automates the task of sending messages to the users of a server. I haven't seen any bot on BHW so I am interested. I need this task done as fast as possible, msg me as soon as you can!
  5. L

    delete this please

    delete. thanks
  6. FatBee

    ▶️ DISCORD SPAM HOUSE ⚡ Reach in to untapped market of 300m users. ⚡ Discord Mass DM Service ❤️

    Payment methods: Only Crypto as of now. If you want to place an order, feel free to contact me with any of the offered options below. Discord communication won't be possible due to the risks of being banned. Contact me on Telegram: https://t.me/fatbeebhw Contact me on Skype...
  7. T

    NSFW Discord/Telegram

    Hi guys, I had a question, is it worth it creating a NSFW discord/telegram ? The kind of groups where you have to share the link or pay to get access to the NUDES. If yes do you have any sort of guide on it so I don't miss anything... I think the best option is to use PayPal, isn't it...
  8. kiks

    [WTB] Discord bot that automates messaging

    I am interested to a discord bot that automates the task of sending messages to the users of a server. I haven't seen any bot on bhw so I am interested.

    Discord Server

    Im looking for a discord server to chill on where every tech-topic is availible to talk about.
  10. The Undefined

    Discord server cloning, can anyone put me in the right path?

    Well, in the past couple of days, I was messing around with discord to find a way of cloning a related server. It seems there is no direct way of adding users to a discord server; however, I've found out that I can send invite links to each member. If anyone has previous experiences with this...
  11. SmartDevSolutions

    Looking for promotion Discord Promotion mechanics

    Hi, I am looking for Discord Channel Promotion Mechanics. Please if you have an interesting proposal to promote my channel please provide me an information. My budget around: 1000$
  12. MrDoggy

    Looking for a reliable discord dm bot

    hello everyone, im looking for a discord bot which can direct message loads of users in a server, if you know anything about were to get a discord bot please let me know also if you have made one let me know. hit me up on discord kian#1455 thanks
  13. Exdotkman

    Discord SMM

    Curious about whether or not there are any panels offering Discord Traffic ie. Members, Reactions, Messagets etc. Thanks in advance.
  14. Brickbat1

    Can anyone give me the bigdeal about Discord?

    So I have been trying to understand why people like Discord.. whats so particular about it that will make it better than Skype for example... I have read reviews of what its all about but I still don't catch the the main selling point that is making it so popular.. So this is just to help me...
  15. CreativeDaddy

    BlackHatWorld Discord - Question

    Hey! There is a discord for the forum members? Thanks.
  16. healzer

    Speech-to-Text bot for Discord

    Earlier today I got feedback on my Discord music bot. The guy wanted to communicate better with hearing-impaired (deaf) people in-game. He asked me if it was a possibility, I found it a great suggestion so I acted immediately. My previous bot already had all the basics to make this happen. And...
  17. N

    How To Spam Promote Discord?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew some ways to efficiently promote my discord server to gain a steady amount of members! First week I did a good job with botting Omegle to gain around 400 members nearly but after that mark, the pace of new members has severely slowed down. So I was wondering...
  18. charto03

    Using Discord to Market

    Got a push notification on Black Friday from Discord and seems like a great way to infiltrate a relevant group and push out your notification to the other members. Any affiliates using this with any success?
  19. Y

    How to add 500 inactive members to my discord server

    I would like to add 500 inactive/fake members to my discord server. Is there any way to do that?
  20. J

    What to spam on Discord?

    Hi guys! First, I have to apologize for my terrible English. I have a Discord bot. Which niches work best for discord? What could you recommend me?