discord scraper

  1. FatBee

    ▶️ DISCORD SPAM HOUSE ⚡ Reach in to untapped market of 300m users. ⚡ Discord Mass DM Service ❤️

    Payment methods: Only Crypto as of now. If you want to place an order, feel free to contact me with any of the offered options below. Discord communication won't be possible due to the risks of being banned. Contact me on Telegram: https://t.me/fatbeebhw Contact me on Skype...
  2. The Undefined

    Discord server cloning, can anyone put me in the right path?

    Well, in the past couple of days, I was messing around with discord to find a way of cloning a related server. It seems there is no direct way of adding users to a discord server; however, I've found out that I can send invite links to each member. If anyone has previous experiences with this...
  3. R

    Discord scraper - on different servers

    I am looking for a discord scraper or bot that can read specific string from a discord channel? The string would be like this format symbol #[email protected] and than be sent back to a specific username on that channel. And this needs to be added to discord servers where I am not the owner (is that even...