discord bot

  1. moldis

    Discord mass DM

    Looking for someone to help me with mass discord DM real users only, involved to crypto. I am not using skype, DM me here on in this post.
  2. maksimiron13

    Account registrar for discord

    Me and my friend made a software that sing up discord accounts ( with captcha solving and account verification by sms). We made this software to order. How would you use this software if you had it?
  3. luiselmayo

    Scrape Discord Members

    Hello guys, I wanted to know if it's possible to mass scrape Discord members? I recently found a server with like 500k members where this seemed to be happening. Despite leaving the server, I was added back every 5 minutes. Does anyone have any insights or information on this topic?
  4. A

    Looking for a discord mass dm bot

    looking for a mass dm bot that send send thousands of messages
  5. SeedPhrase

    Discord mass DM bot

    Is there any mass Discord Dm bot? One that we could paste a bunch of usernames in and it would send them all a Dm that we typed up. (not from churn & burn user accounts, it should send as a bot)
  6. D

    Discord Bot

    Hello, if there is a legit service or person that can build a mass message discord bot to promote my discord server. I would like it to be all done if possible with tokens and proxies etc the whole package. Am willing to pay to have this all in one service done, and want it to be as easy and...
  7. Q

    How to login discord using token?

    Hello, just like in the title - how can i login to discord account using token? I used the following code before, pasted it in the google chrome console and it worked fine, but it's not working for 2 days now. Anyone know why? (function() {window.t = "your token here";window.localStorage =...
  8. xxxisthis

    Discord promoting for onlyfans models

    Hey I‘m currently managing several onlyfans Creators (mainly on TikTok, Twitter & Reddit) But I‘m also interested in promoting them on Discord. I never did Discord promo for „adult offers“ so I’m wondering if it’s worth a try. I thought about joining niche groups -> promoting their OF But...
  9. WuuZy

    Discord Server Setup | NFT Discord Server Setup | HIGH QUALITY | 7/24 SUPPORT

    FAST CONTACT TELEGRAM -> @wuuzyy Whatsapp -> +382 68 462 101
  10. anamakin

    Hiring a freelancer for user acquisition on Discord/Telegram servers

    Hello, we will soon launch our crypto algo trading platform for quantitative traders. As far I can see, lot of our target group and customers are on Discord/Telegram. We started an own Discord server. I'm searching for someone who can help us to generate members for our Discord server and...
  11. feriopyed

    Discord Chat and Engagement Service. High quality and meaningful discord chat service.

  12. W

    Need 100k Discord Mass DM Service

    If you could provide a faster Mass DM service 100k to 1 Million... Message me asap
  13. W

    Discord Mass DM

    I need someone who offer discord Mass DM and that can quickly help with 100k mass DM on the right spot asap.
  14. C

    Looking for Discord traffic to NFT project

    Hello all, im looking for discord expert. My project Goals: 1. send NFT niche related NFT users from other discord servers. 2. Send traffic for new discord server. this will be users to show stats of users on the server. The project has web site, twitter and just need to start discord.
  15. bagrov

    Discord bot to verify new users on server

    I am creating a new Discord server and I need to approve only some specific users on the server. This is what it should look like: The bot sends new users a message that to get verified they should add some specific word to their Instagram bio. A person then adds that word to their bio and...
  16. Game of Squid

    clone/copy any discord server with their content?

    hello, guys can anyone here are know about cloning any discord server with their content? or if thier is someone to hire?
  17. M

    Discord /Auto Typer

    Hey Guys, I looking for an automation tool for Discord that help me Grow up my level there. Usually, the best way to level up it's typing on discord.. so I looking for a kind of Auto Typer that can help me level up fast as possible. If someone here can provide/recommend/do it/create a bot like...
  18. Kimble

    Dropping an NFT project. Looking for someone that can pump a discord server with mass amounts of users through dm bots etc.

    I you have any other marketing methods that could add value I would love to get in touch. I need someone to start as soon as possible. Respond to this thread.
  19. shaharhabob

    I'm looking for a bot for Discord Who can send messages and be active on the server

    I'm looking for a bot for Discord Who can send messages and be active on the server
  20. jaroule

    Don't receive SMS verification in DISCORD

    hello dear BHW community i want to know if some of you have the same issue (didn't receive the sms code for verification), if so please help with some advice that help to fix this thank you
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