discord bot

  1. The Undefined

    Discord server cloning, can anyone put me in the right path?

    Well, in the past couple of days, I was messing around with discord to find a way of cloning a related server. It seems there is no direct way of adding users to a discord server; however, I've found out that I can send invite links to each member. If anyone has previous experiences with this...
  2. MrDoggy

    Looking for a reliable discord dm bot

    hello everyone, im looking for a discord bot which can direct message loads of users in a server, if you know anything about were to get a discord bot please let me know also if you have made one let me know. hit me up on discord kian#1455 thanks
  3. Y

    How to add 500 inactive members to my discord server

    I would like to add 500 inactive/fake members to my discord server. Is there any way to do that?
  4. bsm2019

    Looking for discord bot ASAP.

    Need a discord bot that joins servers with multiple accounts and then posts in general chat. If you have this, know of a service or can build it, contact me asap.
  5. R

    Discord scraper - on different servers

    I am looking for a discord scraper or bot that can read specific string from a discord channel? The string would be like this format symbol #[email protected] and than be sent back to a specific username on that channel. And this needs to be added to discord servers where I am not the owner (is that even...
  6. O


    I am looking for either effective, existing email scrape tools for Telegram and/or Discord groups, or for a custom-build scrape bot for the same purpose.