1. ATuringtest

    This is what happens when you try to eat healthy DOHH!

    Shake a yogurt near your PC with a weak lid and look at the result ...! :( Luckily had some wet wipes and tissues handy next to my computer :)
  2. SEOWorlock

    Worst Case Scenario.Google is down!

    What if some day you woke up and in the morning you try to check your websites rankings,positions and earnings and sudden you realize that google was major hacked. Search Engine is down! Gmail is down and all emails hacked with whole data! All google services are down! Worst case is...
  3. N


    Very sad news, watch these videos to see the massive cover up and learn just how big this disaster is. This blown well is driven by the power of a volcano, over 70K PSI, of which, nothing manmade can handle this extreme pressure, so this is far more hazardous than we are being told, check it...
  4. R

    I almost had a massive DISASTER with my sites today...

    Today all of my Wordpress blogs suddenly went down. I got this error message: "unable to connect to database." So I freaked out and called my hosting company, Bluehost, and after an hour on the phone they told me that I had "too many processes running" and that was why everything was messed up...
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