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    FB Business Manager: How to create a new FB account / re-warmup a deactivated account? (Dec 31, 2020)

    Hi all, I recently decided to try drop shipping to help my family through COVID so made a brand new FB account. To my surprise and naivety, it has been "Temporarily blocked by Facebook due to integrity policies" before even being able to launch an ad set. I understand that I needed to warm...
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    Disabled by facebook before I start

    I have tried to create a facebook account. First time I tried from public computer (bad idea, I know). Got disabled before I started. Then I tried on a laptop from my house using router, was disabled after a few minute, before posting anything. Tried again with different browser and a dongle...
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    My facebook account keeps get disabled whenever i create new account

    Hi guys, Im really upset i think facebook ip has banned me from creating account for life time. I joined this site for your help. The issue i face that whenever i make an account facebook caught me for suspicious activity then demand my photo. After submitting it facebbok disable my account...
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    Copyright Claim Retracted: Facebook Personal Account Still Disabled

    I contacted the person David Benjamin from Universal Music Group who filed the claim and he retraced it . However my personal account are yet to be restored. If those 2 claims were retracted , will this credit my profile. Why Facebook insist that i still abusing their policy , thus it not been...
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    GoneTech Provides disabled facebook account solution ?

    Hey guys , Recently , i found out that GoneTech provided solution to unblock disabled facebook account . They are allegedly accusing fb outsource customer service . Anyone try before call them ?