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  1. R

    another newbie here-i want instagram direct message service or smm panel

    looking to promote my page i've tried bulk group DMs service targetted 10k accounts but 0 results all 10k accounts were filtered and chosen carefully i used the same group of people with mention service and the results were awesome i dont trust group DMs i think they dont really send the DMs...
  2. beckham999

    Debunking rumors. Instagram Mass DM from Single Profiles. How is it in reality?

    So, for once an all, how is it with these services? I am not a reseller, so I don't have the knowledge, but am curious how it's been past week. The question is for all you out there, that do provide these services on a daily basis, and are up-to-date with it. Some say that they all got wiped...
  3. K

    Twitter DM and FOLLOW bot

    Wondering which is the "best" twitter bot in 2021 for follow and send DM's.....any recoommendation? Web based would be amazing but is not a must.
  4. E


    Hi, is there any way to DM group of people in bulk and the message goes into request not into filter spam. Cause i want to grow my facebook group by doing DM to the members of others group.
  5. Brickbat1

    What happens to a DM if the sender gets banned?

    I know I can experiment to find out but if anyone already knows the answer, It will save me some stress. Does the DM remain or does it disappear?. If it remains, is it a good idea to DM filtered lists and mention a profile in the message.Any one with experience on this? Thanks
  6. kasak100

    Mass Dm the right way?

    Hey, What's the best way to DM as many people as possible a day? My accounts are aged 3+ Months, have around 1k followers each and are populated with realistic images. Every account has it's own private residential proxy and runs in an organic manner. Still, Instagram restricts me to messaging...
  7. A

    DM Blocks Instagram / Direct Message Blocks Instagram

    Hi, Since last week I have noticed that DM dont work in Jarvee. You only can send 1-2 messages every day without blocks. (@Stiletto ) Anyone have a solution for this? I have 7 licenses x 250 accs only for send messages. I have read that old bots are working for DM. Anyone know a solution? Thanks
  8. L

    Any twitter bot to mass DM non followers?

    Hi, I am wondering if there is a bot that can mass dm users that are not following me. But accept messages from anyone.
  9. T

    Instagram DM bot that can send working links.

    Yo, im looking for someone that is able to code a dm bot that can reply to every message request of an instagram account with an automated message that includes a custom working link and text. Willing to pay.
  10. T

    Instagram DM Bot that is able to send working LINKS

    Hey im looking for a DM bot that is able to send a custom DM to every DM request the account gets. The DM Bot must be able to send a working link per DM. DM Bots like slide do not send working links. Willing to pay.
  11. J

    FollowLiker Not Sending DM's

    So I keep having this problem where FollowLiker isn't sending DM's from my accounts. I have 4 different phrases I send all with spintax and I send them at a very low rate. I've been trying to fix this for months, wait a week for new accounts, buying old accounts, but the same issue keeps...
  12. salaheddine

    Mass DM instagram

    Is there a way to automatically DM 50 accs/day on IG (for free if possible)? Also is there a risk for getting banned and s there a way to rotate between messages?
  13. D


    Dear Pros, I'm starting a campaign with 150 accounts. I am using SproutSocial to currently aggregate comments between all the accounts so I can respond and answer people back in one place (I can add all 150 accounts to SproutSocial and it creates an aggregate news feed). Here is my questions...
  14. J

    I want IG dm bot. recommend please!

    I want to send DM to have more than 10,000 follower people DM must be able to include photos and letters. Are there any services available for these features?
  15. KartikJha

    [urgent] How to Auto DM in Twitter?

    For the past few days, this thing is getting on my nerve. I am not a coder and I have tried really hard to implement any code I can find, but none of them are working. My motive: Auto Direct Message someone who follow me with a greeting message. Help needed!
  16. noxiop

    Is There an Instagram DM Auto Response Tool?

    I am getting a lot of messages and a tool like this would help hugely! If anyone knows of one, I would greatly appreciate it! It would have to be able to give a written response with a link. Thank you for your time.
  17. brank87

    FL: Direct Message settings to avoid getting banned?

    Hello! I've been using FL for quite a while but didn't really use the DM function. I tried it with 2 accounts and I constantly get temporarily banned. Am I going to fast? Accounts age: 6+ months DM limit: 1 to 1 Daily DM limit: 50 to 70 Delay DM: 70 to 150 seconds * Only sending to new...
  18. Carlos TV

    Linkedin Bot

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a bot that sends a Direct Message with delay when I get connected with someone on Linkedin. Do you guys know any good one? Cheers, CT
  19. A

    Follow Liker Pinterest DM

    Hi, I am having troubles letting FollowLiker send Direct Messages. I also have a Pin attached but it is only sending the Pin without the message! Anybody had similar problems? Regards, aimx
  20. T

    When running accounts on Private Proxies, How do you reply to DM's?

    Hey there, Wondering how you can log in to the phone from your instagram account if you are running a private proxy on your followliker or onlypult account? Would that get the account banned? Either way, I need to access the DM and respond to people, how can I do that if I'm running a private...