direct message promotion

  1. Brickbat1

    What happens to a DM if the sender gets banned?

    I know I can experiment to find out but if anyone already knows the answer, It will save me some stress. Does the DM remain or does it disappear?. If it remains, is it a good idea to DM filtered lists and mention a profile in the message.Any one with experience on this? Thanks
  2. sklorton

    How To Get Started In DM Advertising?

    Im new to Instagram so i dont know a whole lot about the specifics of how to do stuff. Basically what i want to do is send out DMS containing a referral link to people who post about a specific topic. I made an account and tried this but after not to long i got a cool-down on sending messages...
  3. jacvzla

    What would you do with a team of 90 people almost Free? This is my case

    Hello everyone, I have been learning a lot from several marketers here for quite some time now. Love this forum. Straight to the point: I have a team of people in Venezuela (95 total) to whom I outsource several social media marketing gigs such as liking , commenting, Sharing, engaging in...
  4. FeyRazor

    How Many Shoutout Requests Do You Get A Week?

    Hey everyone, this is my first post. I was curious on if you have one or more accounts over 15k followers: How many people direct message you for shout-out requests a week and how many followers you have? I know this will vary depending on niche and other factors, but I just wanted to know a...